All City elementary School

Located at Jane Addams Elementary | 2511 W. Brookings ST | Sioux Falls, SD 57104 | (605) 367-6120

All City Elementary School at Jane Addams

All City Elementary School at Jane Addams

All City Elementary (K-5) can provide an enriching learning experience for your child - both inside and outside the classroom. All City maximizes the potential for learning through a combination of academic strategies and involvement. We work hard to achieve the All City mission, which is to work together - to maximize individual potential - to make the world a better place. If you choose All City, not only will your child or children benefit, you will too! By choosing All City , you are joining a community of parents who actually see how the investment of time in education can impact their children's future.


our mission

To create a community of learners: children, teachers, and parents, working cooperatively to maximize individual growth and success in a changing world.


Our Philosophy

Be Involved!

ACE is the only specialized school that incorporates parents into their classrooms offering high standards of academic achievement.

Know What Your Kids Are Learning!

The more aware you are of what they are learning in class, the greater their chance of success in school.

Classroom Participation!

Daily instruction is enhanced with the parental involvement and the extra knowledge and background parents bring to the program.

Our Benefits

Parental Involvement

Through parents’ commitment to the classroom settings, ACE supports our teachers in doing what they do best - teaching. Through this model of parental involved education, our children receive un unparalleled educational experience.

"I love being in the classroom with my children! I am able to get to know the students and parents my child is spending time with. If they ask for a play date I know which children and families are the most compatible with my child." - Tanya, All City parent

"I like that we have parents to lead our reading groups. I think we learn more." - Zaker, age 8

High Standards of Academic Achievement

All City provides a unique learning environment where children can excel in all aspects of their education. The commitment time served by parents is a true investment in their child’s education.

All City is a 2015 National Blue Ribbon School that consistently rates in the top of all Sioux Falls School District Schools for academic achievement.

The consistently high results for All City Elementary speak volumes to the effectiveness of the synergy between teachers, students and parents.

Please take a look at our latest All City School/PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Handbook!

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